Discount Vouchers

Discount Vouchers
Booking onto a round of the Javelin Trackdays Sprint Series will award a £10 Gift Voucher voucher that can be used against other Javelin Trackdays Products with the following conditions.
1). Vouchers cannot be used against this sprint series, they can only be redeemed via &


2). Vouchers can only be used when booking a Trackday or a Sprint Entry, they cannot be used when booking additional items on their own.


3). Vouchers award a £10 discount per use but vouchers are limited to one use per order and cannot be combined with each other.


4). Vouchers are valid until 31st December in the year in which they were issued after which point any unused vouchers will expire.


5). Voucher codes will be issued within 72 hours of ordering and sent via email. They are allocated manually so please factor that timescale into your bookings.


6). All voucher codes will be issued against unless a transfer to is requested via email.


7). If an entry is cancelled then the voucher code will be deleted, if that code has already been redeemed then the difference will be deducted from any refunds.


8). Vouchers cannot be redeemed against any order where the store credit covers the total amount due, in this circumstance please note the voucher code in the comments of the order and we will add that amount on to any remaining store credit after the order has been placed.